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Single Click Mobile Checkout Is Here!

Sell directly from your email, Facebook posts, Twitter feed, text messaging campaigns, QR codes, paid search ads, display ads & more

  • For Merchants there’s:
  • Increase conversion & decrease abandonments
  • No Development work for you
  • One line of code to launch
  • For Consumers there’s:
  • No account registration
  • No password needed
  • No more long and painful checkout process

Get the Mobile Commerce Conversion Index to see how well the Top 100 Internet retailers sell on mobile.

What we do

We make it as easy as possible for merchants to sell and consumers to buy via mobile devices.

How it works

Take a look at our product demo and see why you should sign up today.

Who's Using it?

Why you need LightningBuy®

  • Ecommerce Retailers
    • Sell via smartphones without investing in a mobile site or app
    • Drive higher conversions
    • Lower abandonment
    • Capture impulse purchases
    • Test mobile commerce
  • Ad Networks
    • Track ROI from ad campaigns vs. just clicks and traffic
    • Gain insights from Big Data aggregation
    • Attract new clients
    • Offer mobile commerce capability
  • Mobile Solution Providers
    • Enable clients to sell from QR codes
    • Use SMS/MMS to drive incremental sales for clients
    • Attract new clients
    • Monetize apps
  • Publishers
    • Increase relevance of ads shown
    • Attract new types of advertisers
    • Increase time on page
    • Monetize your mobile content
  • Direct Response Marketers
    • Sell via smartphones without investing in a mobile site or app
    • Capture impulse purchases at the point of impulse
    • Convert ads to sales