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  • I was all set to review Green Mountain Coffee as a Weekly Worst™ and compare it to Starbucks thinking that it would be best in class. Holy Bumbling Barista. Starbucks’ mobile site was so much worse it jumped to the head of the line. Maybe I’ll do an entire coffee theme for the month of

  • What Happened? 1. Costco’s mobile site requires members to register before completing a purchase. 2. The registration page asks for but does not require the Costco membership ID so non-members can make a purchase on a members-only site. 3. If the member does enter the member ID, the member data does not pre-populate the forms.

  • If you are serious about increasing transaction volume this year, you need to add mobile transactions to your strategy.  Mobile turned out to be a major factor in driving Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales last year, according to a study by IBM, and you can bet it will be even bigger this year.  See more…

  • What Happened? 1. Only the home page and product page are mobile optimized; all subsequent pages are a shrunken website 2. Microsoft forces customers to register 3. The registration page is too long and requires too much information including a CAPTCHA that’s almost impossible to enter on a phone 4. Once registered, the consumer has