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  • If you could turn back the clock to 1998, wouldn’t you totally rethink your Internet strategy? Of course you would. You’d probably double, triple, or even quadruple your initial investment to develop a more integrated online strategy with multichannel campaigns specifically designed to drive more site traffic and increase overall conversion rates. Well, history is

  • You may be surprised to see Amazon featured as this week’s Weekly Worst. After all, when it comes to ecommerce retailing they’ve defined Best in Class. Not so for mobile. What Happened? 1. Mobile optimized email redirected to a shrunken website – not the Amazon mobile site. 2. The landing page is cluttered with unrelated

  • With the last week of August upon us we have one more coffee company to review: Gevalia, that pioneer of direct-response, newspaper insert, and auto-ship. You’d think they would also be mobile innovators. You’d be wrong. After the disappointment over Starbucks‘ ridiculously long and tedious mobile home page, we had high hopes when we saw Gevalia’s

  • In keeping with our coffee theme for August we reviewed the Dunkin’ Donuts mobile site, or lack thereof.  Coming up will be Gevalia, illy, and more! What Happened? 1. Landing page for mobile site drives users to download the mobile app 2. No mobile optimized site – just a shrunken version of the desktop site