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  • It may be surprising to learn that Gap intentionally interrupts the mobile site purchase process in an attempt to get customers to create an account. To make matters worse, there’s an anchoring issue making it seem that the mobile site is frozen which is likely to result in abandonment. What Happened? 1. After contact and

  • RueLaLa is an exclusive online boutique in which great designer sales are available only to members. And by members I mean anyone who signs up and has a heartbeat. The whole membership thing is just a marketing gimmick that, frankly, is a barrier to mobile sales. But forced membership is not the reason RueLaLa is

  • Sometimes The Weekly Worst writes itself. I don’t have to look far to find a glaring example of mobile commerce gone horribly wrong. This week the spotlight is on CVS that ranked 39th in the Mobile Commerce Conversion Index™, a ranking of the Top 100 retailers. A reasonable person would expect to be able to

  • YOOX does a pretty good job of selling on mobile. In fact, it ranked 18th on LightningBuy’s Mobile Commerce Conversion Index™  a ranking of the mobile commerce efforts of the 100 largest Internet retailers. YOOX’s mobile purchase process is streamlined with minimal distractions and it takes 3 clicks and 8 screens to make the purchase which is far better