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  • Of the Top 100 Internet retailers reviewed in LightningBuy’s 2013 Mobile Commerce Conversion Index, Barnes & Noble was ranked in the bottom five with 7 clicks and 19 screens in its mobile shopping cart. That was a marked improvement over the prior version that had 25 screens. No joke. 25.  Recently, Barnes & Noble made further improvements to

  • MediaPost Mobile Shop Talk by Chuck Martin. Mobile commerce revenue lost due to terrible checkout experiences and shoppers won’t go back.  Read more.

  • No one can quibble with Old Navy’s marketing chops when it comes to TV advertising and other campaigns that drive to retail. Old Navy is at the forefront of affordable fashion and quirky advertising. It’s the email campaigns that are a challenge since they are not mobile-optimized. It seems that Old Navy hasn’t gotten the memo

  • Fatten up its mobile presence, that is.  Of the Top 100 Internet retailers reviewed in LightningBuy’s Mobile Commerce Conversion Index, Weight Watchers scored zero points because it doesn’t have a mobile-optimized website. Oh it has a slick mobile optimized home page and if you click on the locator tab that’s mobile-optimized too. But, if you try to sign