Barnes & Noble’s Mobile Cart Needs a Rewrite

Of the Top 100 Internet retailers reviewed in LightningBuy’s 2013 Mobile Commerce Conversion Index, Barnes & Noble was ranked in the bottom five with 7 clicks and 19 screens in its mobile shopping cart. That was a marked improvement over the prior version that had 25 screens. No joke. 25. 

Recently, Barnes & Noble made further improvements to reduce the number of clicks to 6 and the number of screens to 11.  However, that’s still too long and that’s eleven screens of reasons why Barnes & Noble is in the hotspot this week. In a world in which consumers haveminuscule attention spans and expect mobile sites to load in 1-3 seconds, 6 clicks and 11 screens is sure to lead to abandonment.

Here’s the current mobile shopping cart with 6 clicks and 11 screens:

Here’s the previous version with 7 clicks and 19 screens:

From 25 screens to 19 to 11, Barnes & Noble’s mobile checkout is definitely moving in the right direction. However, it’s taking too long to get there at the risk of customer satisfaction and completed transactions. A Harris poll reports,

“In addition to revenue lost because of payment friction at checkout, retailers risk losing money on future purchases, with more than half (63%) of consumers less likely to buy from the same company via other purchase channels after abandoning a poor-experience mobile transaction”

Hmmm. People really do judge books (and mobile sites) by their covers.
How To Make It Better?

1. Shorten the mobile shopping cart.  No more than 3 clicks and 5 screens.  It can be done. I promise.   Checkout the mobile shopping carts for FanaticsTarget, and Disney.

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