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  • MediaPost Mobile Shop Talk by Chuck Martin. Mobile commerce revenue lost due to terrible checkout experiences and shoppers won’t go back.  Read more.

  • From MobileShopTalk by Chuck Martin

    Christmas was yet another busy day for mobile commerce.

    It also was a busy day for the computers at IBM, as its Digital Analytics Benchmark continued to track and compare shopping activity from this year to last.

  • Green Monday’ season’s third-biggest online shopping day – From eMarketer

    Digital commerce—and especially mobile—has been a bright spot for retailers this holiday season, even after brick-and-mortar sales during the Black Friday weekend came in as somewhat disappointing.

  • LightningBuy’s Mobile Email Scorecard reviewed the email marketing campaigns from sixty of the largest Internet retailers during the week leading up to and including Thanksgiving weekend. The Mobile Email Scorecard reveals that many Internet retailers will find it challenging to drive Holiday sales from email marketing campaigns if they are not optimized for mobile. According