Can anyone use LightningBuy to sell from mobile or social media?

No. Not anyone. You must be a merchant that currently sells products via some sort of shopping cart. Besides selling physical products, you can sell gift cards or solicit charitable donations and still use LightningBuy to drive incremental sales as long as you currently have some way of charging your customer/donor for the purchase/donation. If you don’t currently have a shopping cart you cannot use LightningBuy.

Can LightningBuy separate mobile traffic from computer (desktop/laptop) traffic?

Yes, LightningBuy is able to detect the traffic source and direct the traffic to LightningBuy or to another destination of your choice, if applicable.

Does LightningBuy bill the customer/fulfill orders/handle customer service/process returns/etc.?

No. LightningBuy places the order through your existing shopping cart using your merchant account. You bill the customer, fulfill the orders, handle customer service, process returns, etc. using your current processes. LightningBuy requires no changes to your current processes.

Who owns the customer?

You, you, and you. It’s your customer. We just help you sell more products to them.

Do you store customer data?

We do not store personally identifiable customer data. We do store non-personally identifiable data to report on LightningBuy performance.

Do you remarket or contact our customers?

Never. They are your customers not ours.

What data do you track and report on?

  • Actual products sold
  • Conversion rate
  • Sales by:
    • campaign
    • mobile vs. computer traffic
    • product categories
    • credit card type
    • zip code
    • date
    • order amount, tax, shipping, and total amount
    • and more.

How is LightningBuy different than other providers?

  • Single click
  • No development/IT work for client to do other than get us their product information
  • Your look and feel
  • Your merchant account and payment gateway. You collect customer information and bill the customer. LightningBuy is just a pass through platform.
  • LightningBuy is not a native app. It's browser based so works on any mobile device without any additional development work
  • LightningBuy tracks actual sales and tie them to the marketing initiative or advertising campaign. Other providers can only track clicks and traffic so the client is left to infer/guess what the ROI is from the campaign
  • Customers don't need to register in advance or create an account to get the frictionless experience of a single click mobile checkout.
  • Least expensive option when compared to other solutions and the headcount clients need to add to support those other solutions
  • Performance-based fees - the more we help merchants sell, the more we make
  • Highest lift in conversion
  • Easiest to execute - just embed the LightningBuy link into any ad unit or marketing campaign instead of the current redirect URL
  • Patent-pending technology
  • Unique solution enables completion of a transaction without ever going to merchant site.
  • Captures impulse purchase at the point of the impulse
  • Access to customized reporting dashboard to track products sold, conversion rates, and orders sold


What is LightningBuy’s Technical Infrastructure?

Our data center has SAS-70 Type II certification, a pending Energy Star application, 24x7 monitoring, APC power protection with diesel backup power, multiple ISP connectivity, and an unmatched equipment density.

Our infrastructure is built to exacting standards that exceed the requirements of many industry-mandated security frameworks like PCI 2.0, SOX, HIPAA, and FISMA. From start to finish, we ensure that your data is safely stored, managed, and protected by proven and comprehensive data management policies and procedures.

How do you monitor platform performance?

We monitor our infrastructure 24x7 with a combination of top software packages and custom-designed health checks. A member of our team is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that critical issues are not overlooked or left to develop into long-standing problems or vulnerabilities.

How secure is LB?

We have the highest security level for every purchase. Payment data are collected through the most technologically advanced codification systems (SSL). The data are encrypted, we use a secure server, are PCI compliant, and have been granted an SSL certificate to ensure maximum protection.

Are you PCI compliant?



How does LightningBuy integrate with our system? How do you integrate with our shopping cart?

LightningBuy operates at the code level. We map your existing ecommerce shopping cart and develop code to place orders through your existing cart.

So, how does LightningBuy really work?

LightningBuy takes the customer's contact and payment data and, using technology, enters it into your shopping cart. LightningBuy automates key entry as if the consumer was entering his/her information directly into your shopping cart. When the consumer enters his/her email address into the LightningBuy unit, LB securely transfers that information and maps it to the email entry field in your shopping cart and so on for all the data your shopping cart requires to place an order.

The customer's order is placed through your ecommerce site, using your merchant account and payment gateway. The customer is billed by you and thinks they are purchasing from Vermont Teddy Bear because they are. They see Vermont Teddy Bear on their credit card not LightningBuy. LightningBuy is an agent of Vermont Teddy Bear and is a white labeled pass through platform. We store only the consumer's email address as a unique key to match transactions between the LightningBuy database and the VTB database. VTB owns the customers and LightningBuy will never contact or market to your customers.

Really, there’s no work required to launch LightningBuy?

Well, there’s a little bit of work:

  • You need to send us realtime product information that includes: product description, pricing, images, product ID/SKU/unique identifier, inventory levels, product attributes (sizes, colors, type, format, etc.), tax information, and shipping fees. The aforementioned product information should be provided via API, live feed, or ftp.
  • You need to send us a developer/dummy credit card or other type of key so that we can make test purchases via your existing shopping cart and then using the custom LightningBuy we build for you. We do a lot of building and testing so we need to make a lot of test purchases.
  • You need to embed the LightningBuy links into your Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, Pinterest images, Goolge search ads, display ads, etc.
  • Must let us know if you change your shopping cart. If you modify your shopping cart it will negatively affect the ability of your custom LightningBuy to facilitate orders. Please let us know you have plans to change your cart at least 60 days in advance so we can modify your custom LightningBuy to continue uninterrupted service.
  • Must let us know if you have any fraud protection protocols in place such as banning a credit card if too many transactions use that card number or blocking IP address if too many transactions come from that IP address.

How do we handle synchronizing inventory and pricing information?

You send us realtime pricing and product information that populates the LightningBuy units. If your information is accurate ours is too.

How do I get my product information to you?

Via API, live feed, or ftp. It must be realtime data or you run the risk of out of stock situations.

How long will it take until we can launch LightningBuy?

Depending on the complexity of your shopping cart and responsiveness to our request for product data, developer’s credit card, etc. you can start driving incremental purchases with LightningBuy is as little as 10 business days.