Open Letter to Prospective Investors

Thank you for your interest in LightningBuy™. We are humbled and overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and interest that has been shown to us.

When we started on this journey we set out to make it as easy as possible for merchants to sell and for consumers to purchase via mobile devices. The vision was to make all mobile purchases, regardless of merchant, as simple as Amazon 1-Click. As consumers, we were tired of having to work so hard to give merchants our hard-earned money using their long and painful checkout processes. We wanted fast, simple, and absolutely no pre-registered accounts.

Well, we did it! We built a Single Click Mobile Checkout for any merchant in any marketing or advertising campaign for any customer without a preregistered account. LightningBuy completes transactions in under 30 seconds.

Along the way, thanks to you, we learned that LightningBuy isn’t a $40M opportunity but well north of a $400M one. That we don’t need to hire a handful of people, but a floor’s-worth of people. That we should consider an eventual IPO vs. acquisition as an exit strategy. Note: these were actual comments made to us and not our own delusions of grandeur. We have sufficient delusions of our own.

The fact that LightningBuy enables merchants to get up and sell via mobile devices without a mobile site or app or any development work on their end means we are one of the only solutions that can monetize mobile traffic. We give special thanks to Facebook and Mary Meeker for highlighting the lack of a current solution. As a result, we have received multiple investment offers and our seed round is now closed.

Going forward, as we change the face of mCommerce and mobile monetization, we are seeking capital to accelerate our growth. If you’d like to be considered for future investment opportunities please fill out the form.

Thank you, again, for your belief in LightningBuy and us.


Carissa, Jeff, Stephanie, Nat, and Matthew