MCommerce Sales to reach
$71 Billion by 2015

The world of Ecommerce is changing. You’ve probably noticed:

  • Mobile is the New Social when almost 70% of Facebook users access it via a mobile device Read More

  • An astounding 97% of mobile carts are abandoned. A major factor is long and tedious mobile shopping carts. Read More

  • 76% of consumers use their smartphones some or all of the time to sort emails before viewing on a computer. That means your email campaigns had better be optimized for mobile as over 80% of non-optimized emails will be deleted without being read and 30% of consumers will take the additional step of unsubscribing entirely. Read More

  • Google is forcing merchants to think Mobile First by:
    1. Forcing SEM spending on mobile devices Read More
    2. Penalizing advertisers with lower search rankings Read More

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  • 87% of Retailers Investing More in Mobile This Year Read More

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