2013 Mobile Commerce Conversion Index™

A ranking of the top 100 internet retailers’ ability to convert mobile traffic to mobile sales

Four months of analysis and research has gone into the only study on how likely it is that a consumer will complete a purchase transaction from a mobile commerce-enabled website.

    We’ve reviewed the Top 100 Internet retailers against 20 criteria identified to driver higher sales conversions.
  • 100 Merchants ranked from The Internet Retailer's® 2013 Top 500 Guide®
  • 20 Criteria across mobile site optimization, load time, length of checkout, and user interface
  • 155 images for detailed insights
  • 138 pages of detailed content and analyses
  • A checklist handy for implementation and reference

The Report

Since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, consumer adoption of mobile technology has grown at an explosive pace. From the ownership of smartphones and tablets to mobile payments and mobile commerce, mobile devices have infiltrated every aspect of consumer behavior. Shopping from mobile phones is one consumer behavior that has grown in lockstep with the sales of smartphones and tablets. Ecommerce retailers have seen sales from mobile devices grow an average 56.5% over 2012 and almost triple over 2011 and eMarketer predicts m-commerce sales will exceed $71 billion by 2015 (http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Smartphones-Tablets-Drive-Faster-Growth-Ecommerce-Sales/1009835).This report focuses on mobile commerce and how well prepared e-commerce retailers are to capitalize on the shift from the traditional channels of retail and internet to mobile. While many mobile tactics are being employed by merchants as part of their overall mobile strategy, this report takes an in-depth look at how likely merchants are to convert traffic, driven to their sites via those various mobile marketing tactics, to sales. The Mobile Commerce Conversion Index (“MCCI”) ranks merchants on how likely it is that a consumer will complete a purchase transaction from the merchant’s mobile website. In essence, the MCCI is a ranking of how likely merchants are to convert a visitor to a customer.

The Mobile Commerce Conversion Index™ Infographic

Download the infographic containing some of the report's top stats here.

As of September 30th, 2013, only 72 of the 100 Internet retailers analyzed have a mobile commerce-enabled site.

  • 20 Internet retailers had no mobile site so earned an automatic score of zero.
  • Four (CDW, Follett Higher Education, Hudson’s Bay (Lord & Taylor), and W.W. Grainger) had a mobile site but no ability to make a purchase
  • Three sites (Microsoft, Sony, Vistaprint) have only a mobile home page and/or product page but the shopping cart was a shrunken version of the desktop site.
  • Army and Air Force Exchange is a closed, members-only site so could not be analyzed

Amazon is ranked 49th

Three of the largest technology companies in the world, Apple, Microsoft, and Sony don’t have mobile websites or have only mobile home pages with all other pages of the site a shrunken version of their websites. The irony is that Apple pioneered mobile as we know it while Microsoft is attempting to claim its own share of the mobile marketplace with Windows phones yet they don’t have mobile websites or enable mobile commerce.

  • The average number of clicks to make a purchase is 5

    Five companies have 2 clicks (least): Abercrombie & Fitch Co, Fanatics, 1-800-Flowers.com, Netflix, and Ancestry.com; Costco had 9 (most).

  • The average number of screens is 9

    Five companies have 4 (least) screens: Fanatics, Target, Netflix, Ancestry, and RueLaLa.
  • Three companies have 19 screens (most): BarnesandNoble, GameStop, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

  • The average load time was 3.41 seconds.

    Gap had the shortest load time with .57seconds. Staples had the longest with 12.37.

Eighteen sites force customers to register before allowing them to complete a purchase transaction – that’s 25% of the Top 100 with a mobile commerce-enabled site.

40% of the Top 100 with a mobile commerce-enabled site don’t accept PayPal or some other type of mobile wallet.

2013 MCCI Rankings

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